Heal Wounds and Prevent Scarring With Peptides

Posted By on Feb 1, 2016 |

Peptides are well known to boost a healthy complexion and fight the natural signs of aging.  They definitely help to decrease wrinkles and inflammation to provide a more youthful appearance. However, peptides are not used exclusively for cosmetic purposes. In fact, they play a large role in the pharmaceutical industry as well. Peptide drugs have brought in more than $13 billion each year over the last several years. That is because they can play a very large role in healing those that are sick.  When they are used in medications they have a number of benefits and can help cancer patients or even those that have cardiovascular conditions. Peptides also offer powerful healing benefits for wound care and they can even be effective to prevent scarring after major injuries.

When it comes to wound care, copper peptides are the gold standard.  These are the specific peptides that you want to search for when you are looking to heal wounds. Peptides work beneath the surface to boost collagen production, which helps the skin regenerate and heal from injury at a much faster rate.

Copper peptides are effective at treating a variety of skin problems and wounds. Scars that have developed because of acne can be minimized with regular use of peptides.  Those that have suffered from sun damage will also begin to notice changes in their skin when they use creams and lotions that have copper peptides in them.  Individuals that have suffered from scars related to skin grafts can also enjoy major benefits from using peptide based lotions and skin care products.

When you start shopping around for skin care products, look for a formula that contains copper peptides. As you use the product it is important to remember that peptides can take several weeks to work.  Therefore, it may take up to 12 weeks before you start to notice visible changes with your skin.

Always be sure to read the instructions on the product.  Use it as recommended and continue to use it regularly.  If you begin to notice changes in your skin, and you stop using the product, the results may begin to disappear.  When you are using peptides you have to continue to use them in order to sustain the results.

A clinical study conducted on peptide skin care products found that it took about one month for the products to have a significant effect. After taking skin biopsies before and after use of copper peptides, researchers found a significant increase in collagen product, which resulted in skin regeneration, healing, and greater elasticity.

If you want to help wounds heal quickly and prevent unsightly scarring, start using a copper peptide skin care product today. It won’t take very long before you see results if you use the product consistently and according to the included directions. While there are thousands of skin creams on the market that promise improved healing and scar reduction, no other option can give you the same proven results as copper peptides.